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NovaMed Surgery Center of Chattanooga

Your Surgical Experience

We understand that surgery can be an inconvenience - forcing you to spend time away from your career, friends and loved ones. That's why our dedicated staff is here to guide you through each step in the process. Know what you can expect the day before, the day of and the day after your surgery here.

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Surgical Procedures

NovaMed Surgery Center of Chattanooga provides its physicians with the latest surgical technology so that they can provide each patient with the best possible care. Our multi-specialty center allows for a number of procedures to be performed. Discover the surgeries we perform and the technolgy we utilize inside.

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Why choose the Surgery Center of Chattanooga ?

Discover why more people are choosing the NovaMed Surgery Center of Chattanooga for their ophthalmic procedures. We are AAAHC accredited. We provide some of the finest care at reasonable prices and employ top specialists in opthalmology and perform a wide range of procedures.

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Our surgery center offers you the top medical specialties and services in one convenient location.

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